Agent Destiny

Developer Play ‘n Go released yet another exciting slot to play in 2020, Agent Destiny. Play ‘n Go brings out new slots with remarkable consistency, and we love the quality they bring. Agent Destiny is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines. You might have guessed it from its name, but Agent Destiny is a spy-themed slot. Your purpose is to keep the world safe from the megalomaniacal masterminds, who are out to destroy the world.

Agent Destiny

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Set in a charming sixties theme, this slot is equal part sophistication and funk. Agent Destiny has three most prominent features, which are the Linked Reels, Mega Symbols, and Free Spins. You’ll love this slot for its fun gameplay and well-executed graphics.

Bonus Features

I briefly mentioned the slots’ most essential features, Linked Reels, Mega Symbols, and Free Spins. You can trigger the Linked Reels randomly in the standard game, which can show identical symbols on 3 reels. Also exciting are the Mega Symbols, which can include the Wild. Both the Mega Symbols and Wild shows up during the Free Spins feature. The Linked Reels feature, on the contrary, shows up in both the standard game and free spins rounds.

agent destiny slot

Linked Reels

You can randomly activate Linked Reels during each spin. The adjacent reels will then display identical symbols. However, it only occurs on reels 4 and 5 or 3, 4, and 5. When this happens, you automatically get yourself a free spin.

Mega Symbols

All the characters in the Agent Destiny slot can also appear as Mega Symbols. They can vary in size but are always lucrative. The most important Mega Symbol is the Wild, which results in the highest prizes.

Free Spins

Free Spins are still the most exciting part of any slot, and so it is on Agent Destiny. When you land the Wild Scatter on the reels, you get a round of 9 free spins. You land this round when the Wild scatter shows up simultaneously on reels numbers 1,3 and 5.


Agent Destiny is a versatile slot in the sense that you can spend as little or as much as you like. The range is 10 coins per spin or a maximum stake of £100. You can play this slot on Autoplay mode if you don’t want to keep on manually spinning the reels. There is more to customize on this slot, for example setting a limit in terms of loss or stopping the Auto Play mode once you hit the free spins rounds. The payout percentage on the Agent Destiny slot is 96.26%, a decent number that we’re used to with Play ‘n Go. The max you can win is 1.200x per spin.